Freitag, 11. April 2014

Yves Rocher - Grand Rouge Lipstick in Rouge Vif / Bright Red (+Swatch) - Review

Hello guys! ^^

Here, I have another review on a Yves Rocher product! It's the Grand Rouge Lipstick!
I tend to go for pink, coral or nude lipsticks, but when I want to wear a red lip, this is my go-to lipstick! ^^


The lipstick tube looks very chic! It's gold & has a tilted cap! It
gives it a very edgy look! The brand name is written on the lipstick as well! On the bottom is information on the colour of the lipstick!

It's a bit bulkier than my other lipsticks! I like to see the colours of my lipsticks, so I put them upside down! I can't do it with this one, because the cap is tilted! I wish that would be changed! ^^

Product description:

An intense color that is so long wearing, you forget about it.

Long-lasting, lipstick with intense colors that glides on and adheres like a second skin. The moisturizing formula with Camellia Oil, Vitamin E and Organic Sesame Oil offers a sensory application.

Result: slides on easily on the lips and so comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing it thanks to its creamy texture.

The Plus: its elegant and refined packaging, a veritable showcase that highlights the intense shades of the lipstick. 

Key botanicals: camellia oil, organic sesame oil, soy extract, vitamin E.

Rare and precious camellia oil from eastern Asia has a veritable therapeutic effect.

In Grand Rouge Lipstick, it is an unforgettable elixir that smooths the lips and regenerates them: they appear more youthful.

89 %* of women observed smoother lips.

Texture & Duration:

It's a very smooth lipstick, that easily glides on the lips! Super easy to apply & great colour pay-off!
One swatch is definitely enough! But if you'd like it even more dramatic, you can put more on! It's buildable! It's very pigmented! ^^
It's longlasting! For me, it lasted about 5 hours! Even after it wears off a bit, it still leaves a stain on the lips! 

How to use:

Apply first to the "V" of the upper lip, then from the edges to the centre. Next apply to the lower lip. Lips are smoother, regenerated, and enhanced by long-wearing intense colour.


This lipsticks has a very sweet & pleasant scent! I think it's most similar to the smell of sugar candies! If anyone still remembers, like those sugar sweets in heart forms, which have stuff like "I love you" written on it! ^^


It's a very bright red colour & for me the best colour for a perfect red lip!
It's super pigmented & looks very lovely on the lips! (My skin is quite pale.)
It doesn't dry out my lips & is moisturizing! I don't need to apply lipbalm before the lipstick!

I think it's a lovely lipstick, which is affordable & definitely worth it's price! ^^

Samstag, 5. April 2014

Etude House - AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser - Review

Hello everyone!

From my Beautynetkorea Haul, here's the review of the "AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser" by Etude House!
I've been using it everyday for half a month now & I've been really liking it! ^^

Product description:
-Foam cleanser for acne-prone skin
-Contains salicylic acid
  Acid extracted from the leaves of Gaultheria Procumbens 
-Non-artificial colour & scent
-Soft & dense foam
-Cleans away dirt & sebum
-After washing: skin feels soft & refreshed

This product is part of Etude House's AC Clinic Line!
This line further divides into:

-Daily use:
 AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser 150ml
 AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion 150ml
 AC clinic Daily Toner 150ml

-Intense use:
 AC Clinic Intense Red Spot Balm 20ml
 AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot 15ml
 AC Clinic lntense Hinoki Water Mist 100ml
 AC clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot Patch
 AC Clinic Intense Mask - 1 sheet

Usage & Dosage:

Twist the cap before usage & remove the foil!

Only use a tiny amount! The amount on the left is enough for the whole face!

Apply some water on your face first, then put some of the cleanser into your palm! Rub and massage it into your face!

It creates little bubbles & the amount of cleanser becomes much more! After rubbing it more, the cleanser kind of becomes translucent! I like to apply some more water on my face! Then you can clean/rub your face once more & wash it off completely with water afterwards! ^^

This cleanser has a very dense consistency! It's like a thick cream!
It has kind of a light face mask feeling! It feels comfortable on the skin!


It has a very nice smell, that's very relaxing!
The scent is quite hard to describe, I'd say it's most similar to tea! Maybe like green tea or matcha powder! It's not overpowering & subtle! It stays on for about 2 hours! 

Does it work well?

I've been using it for a half month & it's been working well for me!
It kind of dries out your acne! The skin where the spot was, dries out & falls off, then the new skin shows up, which is acne free!
It's been working quickly on small spots (3days), bigger ones do take longer (9 days)!

I've been really enjoying this product & I'd strongly recommend this to people with acne-prone skin!
It removes acne, has a really lovely scent & leaves a refreshing feeling on your skin after using it!
It's totally worth it! ^^