Dienstag, 25. März 2014

Holika Holika - Jewel Light Water Proof Eyeliner in #08 Pink Topaz (+Swatch)


The product I'd like to review is the "Jewel Light Water Proof Eyeliner" in #08 Pink Topaz by Holika Holika!

Product description:

Gel Eye Liner Pencil type, Gel Texture Pencil

Dazzling pearls, creamy, dry & tightly fixed (=dries quickly)

Capacity: 2,2g
16 colours in total

It has an air-tight cap to prevent the eyeliner from drying!
It has a rich creamy gel texture, it's easy to draw with! It's wonderful for beginners!
Strong water-resistence:
Once it's dried, it stays on all day! It's waterproof, I haven't been able to remove it with soap & water! So water & sweat- proof! ^^


Pink Topaz: Transparent, sparkly light pink 

Where to use:

Pink Topaz looks best in the tear duct area and on the waterline!
It can be used as a eyeshadow as well, as it's quite moist! Put it on gently, you have to blend it very quickly, as it dries super quick! It leaves a twinkling effect on your eyes! ^^

Swatch of Pink Topaz:

It's a very pretty blush pink colour! Very sparkly! Makes your eyes look dazzling & awake! It adds a nice glow to your eyes! ^^

Left: After trying to remove the eyeliner with soap & water! It looks pretty much the same as before! Maybe a little less sparkly!

Right: After removing it with my go-to makeup remover Bioderma! It's easily removed after using it!


I've been looking for a sparkly waterline eyeliner for some time now! I love the shiny pink, as it's not as prominent as white! It gives a more subtle glow to my eyes! It's great for a everyday look! 
I love it lots! ^^

Donnerstag, 20. März 2014

BeautynetKorea Experience + Haul

Hello everyone! ^o^

A few days ago, the package from BeautynetKorea finally arrived! Yay!

My experience:


I ordered my products on the 9th of March!
On the 11th they packed my products & sent them to the Korean Post!
On the 14th they left Korea (Incheon Airport)!
They then finally arrived at my place on the 19th!

So it took 10 days after ordering to get my goods! I think that's pretty quick, considering they're sending the stuff all the way from Korea to Europe! ^^

They have 3 different kind of shipping methods:
-Free Shipping: No tracking number
-Registered Mail:
  Total Purchase Amount over 50$: Free Shipping+Registered Mail+Tracking Number (which I did)
  Total Purchase Amount less than 50$: Additional Fee of 2$ to get a tracking number
-Postal Service with Tracking Number:
  Additional 22$ added
  If Total Purchase Amount over 300$: free
(Only available for: US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Mongol, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, Thai, Philippines)


Only with Paypal, but you can use your credit card without having an account!
Because € was changed into $ in order to pay for the order, a small amount of money was added due to the transaction! (about 2$)!

Condition of items:

In the comments on shipping section, I added that I'd be nice to have my items wrapped in bubble wrap! They all came neatly wrapped! Add that when you order, just in case!

The samples were just distributed on top of it!

The items I received were all in great condition!
Happy! ^o^

Order list:

1) Etude House - Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips 3.4g in #PBE102
2) Etude House - Play Color Eyes
    in #2 So chic play
3) Etude House - Surprise Stick Concealer
    in #1 Light beige
4) Etude House - AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser
5) Holika Holika - Jewel Light Water Proof    Eyeliner in #08 Pink Topaz


1) Tony Moly - Panda's Dream Eye Patch
2) Tony Moly - Berrianne Essence
3) Tony Moly - I'm Real Aloe Soothing Lotion
4) Tony Moly - I'm Real Lemon Brightening Lotion

Reviews of all the products are coming once I've used them for a while! Please look forward to it! ^^

Samstag, 15. März 2014

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect 257 (Pink Trench) - Review

Hello everyone!

Today's review will be on be one of my favourite lipglosses formula-wise! ^^
It's the "Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect" lipgloss in 257 (Pink Trench)!


It comes in a really sleek, chic & tall packaging, which reflects & is kind of  like a mirror!
It's really pretty & gives it a really hip feeling! ^^

The lipgloss itself has "Dior" engraved on it & on top of the lid the letters CD (Christian Dior), you can feel the letters! It's subtle & beautiful!

It has a classy feeling to it! You have to turn the upper lid to open the lip gloss! It's sealed tightly! I always keep it in my handbag, if I want to add a little sparkle to my lips! Also great for travels, as it's in the permitted range & see through! It has only 6 ml!  

Product description: 

Dior introduces Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect, a 'high-tech', 'high-fashion' innovation. It is the ultimate weapon of seduction with its dazzling shine and vibrant colours. MORE THAN BRILIANCE, A REFLECTION EFFECT ! A deep shine and a remarkable magnifying glass effect thanks to the unprecedented presence of ultra-reflecting micro-glass pearls, which load themselves with light, concentrate it and release it more amplified. A NEW SENSORIALITY, AN INTENSIFIED PLEASURE An ultra-soft and light formula, for a new sensual experience and a 'naked skin' sensation on lips. The evanescent sensation of a light summer fabric on lips: fresh, soothing and non sticky. To intensify even more pleasure and shine, Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect is applied with a brush applicator whose flexibility, shape and thickness have been specially designed to delicately coat the lips with an even more lustrous film. EXTREME VOLUME FOR ULTRA-SEXY LIPS ! An incredible volume effect: hyaluronic spheres integrated in the formula swell instantaneously upon application, for ultra-sexy re-plumped lips at any time.  

Straight from the runway, new Dior Addict Ultra Gloss features a featherweight formula with a flash-plumping, “spotlight shine” effect. Hyaluronic spheres keep lips smooth and moisturized, while mirror-like micropearls reflect light in all directions for a dazzling finish. The package is tall and sleek, with a Lucite top that mirrors the nano-spotlight effect. The precision brush applicator makes for effortless, perfect application every time.

An exclusive “Spotlight Shine” complex features glass-like micro-marbles of varying sizes, which multiply light tenfold to illuminate lips like nano-spotlights! The nano-spotlights reflect light in every direction like a kaleidoscope, to multiply and maximize shine—all while delivering a sheer wash of catwalk color.


It has a brush applicator! It's very easy to apply your lipgloss with it! (My favourite applicator is still the doe-foot though! I find it to be preciser!)

Texture & Duration:

I really like the formula of this lipgloss! It's very light & feels nice on the lips! It's not sticky at all & gives a real glow to your lips! You lips end up being very sparkly & pretty! ^^
It stays on for about 3 hours & fades away! I always apply lipbalm before, because the lipgloss can cause the dry parts of your lips showing!


It's absolutely scent-free!


1st pic: with flash
2nd pic: without flash


Pink Trench is a light pink colour! It is quite sheer and has multi-colored shimmers. The shine gives your lips a full & sparkly appearance! ^^

It's great for a lazy day when you want to look more awake!

I like the colour! It's very lovely! ^o^

A great lipgloss, I'd totally recommend!

Montag, 10. März 2014

Yves Rocher - Lip Pencil + Waterproof Eye Pencil + Folk Passion Khol Duos- Review (+Swatches)

Hey everyone! ^^

 These are the 3 products I'll be reviewing:

-Lip Pencil (Brown)

-Waterproof Eye Pencil (Black)

-Folk Passion Khol Duos
 (Mandarin & Smokey Grey)


Mandarin, Grey, Brown









Lip Pencil (Brown)

Product description: 

Comfort and precise lining with shea butter The outline of the mouth is clearly defined and perfectly emphasised.
A melting, soft and velvety texture, for a precise line. A glide on tip, for optimum ease and comfort of application. Colors in harmony with the shades of the whole lipstick range for a harmonising line.

The Lip Pencil contains the natural benefits of Shea Butter

Tested under dermatological supervision

The Plus : The flexible tip is pleasant to use to outline or color in the lips


The colour is reddish brown with a slight shimmer!
It's easy to apply & really creamy! (Great for beginners! ^^)
You can draw the lines precisely (good pigmentation!) & it lasts the whole day without smudging!
(You can even remove it with water & soap only!)

Waterproof Eye Pencil (Black)

Product description: 

Intense color, ultra-comfort. A graphic makeup that looks intense and radiant! Its soft, protective, Chamomile extract-enriched texture offers a gliding application as it emphasizes the look of ultra-intense color. Creamy and comfortable, it goes on evenly and blends easily.
Result: the Waterproof Eye Pencil's formula guarantees a flawless, long-lasting look.

The Plus: a built-in sharpener to ensure an ultra-precise line anytime and a super practical, retractable tip.

Tested under ophthalmological supervision.


This pencil is highly pigmented! It's a very dark black!
It's easy to apply and stays on the whole day! It doesn't smear or fade! ^^
It's very buttery! You have to remove it with a good makeup remover or even better cleansing oil or something of that sort!

(I haven't included a swatch of it! It's very much just a generic dark black!)

Folk Passion Khol Duos (Mandarin & Smokey Grey)


It's part of the limited "Yves Rocher Folk Passion Collection" of Winter 2013!

This pencil has a really unique colour combination. The Mandarin colour (very shimmery, peachy colour) has a bit of a frosty finish on one side, while the darky grey side is very creamy. The darker colour is buildable!
I like using the mandarin eyeliner on my lower lash line & in the inner corners! It just brightens my eyes a bit & makes them more awake, but isn't over the top! ^^

To sum it up:
Yves Rocher Eye & Lipliners are generally speaking really pigmented, creamy & easy to draw with!
Very recommendable for beginners! ^o^

Yves Rocher - Wild Blackberry Silky Lotion - Review

Hello! ^^

(Note: I'm going to slip in some products not from my Korean Beauty Haul in between!)

I've been using the "Satsuma Puree Body Lotion" from the Body Shop for as long as I can remember! It has such a lovely smell! Very fresh & energizing!

While I was in Paris this February, I saw a "Yves Rocher" & took a look inside!
I was happy to see that there was an array of body lotions, as mine just ran out!
All the other scents didn't strike me, but the "Wild Blackberry Silky Lotion" had such a nice & sweet scent to it, so I had to get it! ^^

This has now become my favourite body lotion! ^o^

Product description:

Take pleasure in this silky body lotion enriched with wild blackberries!

This silky body lotion provides a daily moment of pleasure. Its light texture enriched with organic oats moisturizes and softens your skin while adding a delicate scent!

The secret of wild blackberry:
Irresistible, crunchy, bursting with delicious juice, the wild blackberry is an invitation to enjoyment. Its unique taste, sparkling and fresh, sums up its natural charm. Its intense and delicate fragrance softens the skin and leaves a mellow note.


This body lotion has a very light texture & it quickly absorbs into the skin. I like applying it after showering, because it makes my skin feel soft & moisturized!
It's not sticky at all, very hydrating & refreshing! My skin feels silky after applying it! I've been using it every day since I bought it! ^^


It's smelling like real raspberries! (Very realistic!)
I think it's a lovely scent! It's not overly sweet, just the right amount for me!
The scent stays a long time! When I wake up in the morning, I can still smell it! ^^

Usage & Dosage:

Apply an appropriate onto your body & let its absorb.

The one down-side to this product is that it's freaking hard to get the lotion out of the bottle! You can't press the plastic to make it come out, as it's very sturdy!
A solution to this problem is either buying the pump, which was especially made for it or just fill it into an empty bottle, which has a pump (that's what I did)!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Do leave a comment if you found this review helpful or if you have any suggestions! I'd love to hear from you! ^^

Sonntag, 9. März 2014

Tony Moly - Peach Hand Cream - Review

Hello everybody!

As part of my Korean Beauty Haul, I have another review for you, guys!  ^^
Today's product is the "Peach Hand Cream (30g)" by Tony Moly, a Korean cosmetics brand!

(I bought this at Lotte Duty Free in Jamsil, they only sold this in packages of 10 hand creams, that's why I got so many! ^^)


The handcream comes in adorable plastic containes, that look like peaches! Totally an eye-catcher! Loving the cute packaging! ^^
They're also quite sturdy!


-Apricot Extract - brings nutrition & elasticity skin
-Peach Extract - offers nutrition & moisture
-Shea Butter - brings nutrition to exhausted & dry hands

Product description:

-Sweet moist hand cream with a sweet peach scent (featured in improving wrinkles)
-Adenosine contents help improve wrinkles & make hands elastic & soft


It's a very refreshing hand cream, that's not sticky at all! It quickly absorbs into your skin & moisturizes it! After applying it, my hands feel soft the whole day! ^^


It has a lovely & sweet peach smell! It smells so heavenly! It's the handcream with the best scent in my opinion! It makes me feel good! ^o^

Also the scent stays a good amount of time on your hands (4h)!

Usage & Dosage:

After washing your hands or whenever your hands feel dry, apply a proper amount from the back to the tip of your hand evenly! Let it absorb!

The handcream is sealed with a bit of plastic tape on one side! To open it, you have to turn the top half of the hand cream! Inside it, there is a plastic lid, which makes it even more safely sealed!

I like to keep it in my handbag, when I travel! It
never runs out (in my case at least)! It's a practical travel size (30g) & it looks really sweet! ^^

After using it up, I always refill it with other creams! Very handy! ^^

I also like to keep a little plastic spatula in the hand cream container! (There's a little space left between the seal and the top!) I use a spatula to keep the hand cream more hygienic! ^^ (If some dirt comes in & you put it on your face, it can cause breakouts!)

This handcream is perfect to keep in your handbag! It's super practical in size & you can reuse it as well! It has a really nice & relaxing scent, which is more on the sweet side! It's hydrating & keeps your hands moist & soft! I really recommend it! ^o^

PS: I have no idea if it improves your wrinkles, cause I don't have any yet! But if someone knows, please tell me in the comments! Thank you! ^^

Samstag, 8. März 2014

Tony Moly - Fruit Princess Lipgloss New - Review

Hello again!

Today's review is on one item of my Lotte Duty Free Shop Haul! It's the " Fruit Princess Lipgloss New" by Tony Moly! (Swatches are at the bottom!)

Tony Moly is a South Korean cosmetics brand, established in 2006.
The name Tony Moly means 'putting style into packaging. (No wonder their packaging is just so awesome! *_*)

It comes in a very cute packaging, which caught my eyes once I saw it!
The little figures are so insanely adorable! *.*

They're like little Red Riding Hoods with their red capes! Aww! ^. ^ Each figure has a certain fruit as it's hat! They also have different cute expressions on their faces!

Comparison to the original lipglosses:

I like the new packaging of the lipglosses much better! The old ones used to be smaller & round tubes! It was more difficult to apply! The new lipglosses have more liquid in them (4,6g) & are only slightly more expensive! They're easier to use & more handy to carry around! I'm glad they improved it! ^^
Product description: 

Cute Fruit-shaped gloos that moisturizes your lips and makes them look like the sparkle in fruit juice.
-creates transparent & gorgeous lips
-offers nutrition & a moisturizing feeling


7 kinds of fruit extract, shea butter (moisturizes), glycerin, hyaluronic acid


It has a Doe-foot applicator! I like it because you can work very precisely with it! It's super easy to use as well! ^^

Texture & Duration:

These lipglosses have a jelly like texture & are more on the stickier side! I find it comfortable to wear though! It leaves your lips very glowy & sparkly! It gives a fresh & awake look! ^^
It lasts about 2 hours on the lips (only drinking)! I tend to take it with me & reapply whenever I need to! It has a handy size!


Each gloss has a refreshing fruit scent! They smell like the fruit on their hats! The scents are really lovely! ^^

How to use: (self-explanatory, but adding anyway ^^)

Apply a moderate amount with the tip according to your lips.

Swatches: (in the order as seen on the 3rd pic from above)


1) Plum Princess (with sparkles)
2) Fig Princess
3) Strawberry Princess
4) Mango Princess
5) Apple Princess (with sparkles)
6) Cherry Princess
7) Peach Princess

No. 1 and 5 are very sheer colours, you can only see the sparkles on the lips. Your lips are glossy nonetheless.
The other lipglosses are more pigmented & leave a nice colour on the lips! They're great colours for everyday wear! I really enjoy them! They're one of my favourites! ^^

What is your favourite lipgloss? ^o^
Did you find this helpful? Any suggestions on improvements?
(I appreciate all the comments very much!)

Lotte Duty Free Shop Haul / Korean Beauty Haul

Hello, Hello! ^^

During my trip to Korean last September, I bought some Korean makeup products (mostly skincare), which I'll be reviewing in the following months! So please look forward to that! Yay! ^o^

(Scroll down to the bottom for the actual haul!)

The hotel I booked was Lotte Hotel World (awesome service & nice rooms! I'd like to stay there again if I visit Seoul again! ^^). So I definitely wanted to check out "Lotte Duty Free" right away!
Korean makeup has the cutest packaging ever! I wish Western makeup would start having that too! *hopes*
The Lotte World Duty Free Shop is on the 10th floor of the Lotte Department Store (Jamsil, Seoul). Opening hours are from 9:30 to 8pm!
I also visited the Lotte Duty Free Shop (Main branch)! They slightly had more products there! (It was even more crowded there! hehe! ^^) But you'll find all the big brands in Lotte World as well! So don't worry! No need to visit both! ^^

Entering Lotte Duty Free= Cuteness overload! (It was very crowded as well! If you want to avoid huge masses of people, go around 7pm!)
I bought these products over the course of a week! (Aka, I'm so full, I need to do some shopping! hehe! ^^ They have nice restaurants on the lowest floor!)

So now to the actual haul! ^.^

Item list: (In order of the pictures)
1)  Tony Moly - Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel
     Tony Moly - Egg Pore Tightening Pack
     Tony Moly - Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm
2) Innisfree - O2 Pore Mask Pack
3) Beauty Lesha - Aqua BB UV Cream
4) Tony Moly - Peach Hand Cream
5) Tony Moly - Fruit Princess Lipgloss New
6) Nature Republic - Soothing Gel Moisture Aloe Vera 92%
7) Nature Republic - Super Aqua Max Moisture Watery Cream 
    +Sample of: Nature Republic - Whitening Collagen Dream 70 & 90 Fluid

Reviews I've already done: Please check them out if you haven't yet! ^^ (I'll update this list once I post more reviews!
Super Aqua Max Moisture Watery Cream
Tony Moly - Fruit Princess Lipgloss New
Tony Moly - Peach Hand Cream

I love the samples I get when buying Korean Beauty Products! ^o^
These samples are all from Tony Moly!

I hope you enjoyed my haul! Reviews will be posted soon!

Also if there's a product you'd like me to review first, please leave a comment below! Thank you! ^.^