Samstag, 7. Februar 2015

Memebox Secret Key Value Set (Holiday Edition)

1) Black Out Pore Minimizing Pack
I love all kind of masks! This mask contains: Black Charcoal, Black Sugar, Black Garlic, Black Bean, Black Sesame, White clay (kaolin), Rice extract! Seems to be great for oily skin, which I lean to!

2) Color Recipe Cream in Yellow
The Yellow Cream has Vitamin C capsules in it & is for brightening! I love brightening products in general! (Also a fan of the yellow colour!) ^^

3) Berry Milk Hand Cream
This hand cream intrigued me as it contains donkey milk! Donkey milk is the milk closest to human breast milk & really good for dry skin! Although my face is a bit on the oily side, I always have dry hands! This will be perfect! ^^

4) Snail Repairing Eye Cream
My current eye cream is doing nothing visible to my under-eye area, so I will switch to this one afterwards! ^^

5) Perfume Body Mist in Sugar Lemon
I haven't opened this yet, but if it smells somewhat like lemons, it'd be a winner for me! I love citrussy scents! ^^

6) Miniature Starting Treatment Essence
This will be great for travelling, as carrying full size is such a pain! ^^
This set was 35$, it has a great selection of products! It's very worth it for me! ^^

Memebox Yet Value Set

This is a simple unboxing of the "Yet Value Set", which I bought from Memebox a while ago!

1) Very Merry Tint Set
This set was supposed to have one of each tint, but the seller ran out of stock for the clear one, so another cherry blossom was added!
I had been eyeing that set on koreadepart, so quickly snatched this set!

2) Kiss Me Touch Me Lip & Cheek in Apricot
This is a product which can be used on both lip & cheek! I wouldn't use it on my lips, as it can be quite drying! It works nice as a cream blush though! ^^

 3) Catgirl Waterproof Pen Liner
This is actually my first liquid liner! I think I need some more practice with it though! I'm more of gel eyeliner person! ^^

4) Don't Worry Mask Sheet Set (10)
The drawings on the sheet masks are so adorable! ^^ They're normal sheet masks! Nothing special there! ^^

Free Gift: (They included a free gift with the first few sets they came out with)
Mise en scene: Perfect Repair Serum
I don't really use hair products, but I heard some good stuff about it, so I'll give it a try!

The Value Set cost 30$ and I think it is well worth it! ^^

Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2015

Memebox Special #76 The Empress' Secrets (Unboxing)

Hello everyone!

This is the last Memebox, I have bought, so unless they come out with some great boxes, it will stay that way! ^^

Info card + Box! ^^

1) Double Very Moisturizing Cream 75ml (Lime Nature)

This cream looks super fun! Love the purple colour! (It's one of my fav colours! ^^)
This one has many different ancient medicinal herbs! It's a gel hybrid cream!
Super happy about it! ^^

2) Facial Scrub 90ml (Daltokki)

I have already received one item from the this brand & I really like it!
The bunny is very cute! Nice packaging! ^^
You leave this mask on for only a few minutes, otherwise your skin will start burning! So please be careful!
I think the glutinous rice ingredient is really interesting! ^^

3) Syn-ake Wrinkle Free Essence 100ml (Tosowoong)

Tosowoong has really nice products! Have received some items from them already!
I've been wanting to try some synake products for some while already! Excited to give this a try! ^^

4) Fermented Lumpoule 5ml (2each) (Soy BIO+)

This has been raved about in the MUT community a lot, so happy to be able to try it!
Lumpoule= Lump & Ampoule! An ampoule made out of Fermented soybean lumps! ^^

5) Make-up Cleansing Tossure 30each (Purederm)

I've already used these! They get rid off most of my eye makeup! (Except for a bit of my waterproof mascara!) It has a pleasant green tea scent & is very gentle! It doesn't make my eyes sting! ^^

Except for the cleansing tissues, I'm happy with the items of the box! The first two items fit the box really well & the other two I'm excited to try! Although it has only 5 items, I like it! ^^

Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2014

Memebox Superbox #81 1st Anniversary Box (Unboxing)

Hello everyone!

Today's unboxing is on Memebox Superbox #81 1st Anniversary Box! ^^

I've been putting off writing a post about it, as it was very lackluster & not 1st anniversary worthy or the best box, like they marketed it!
I'm seldomly dissapointed in a box that much! I used points, but it's still not worth it for me!

Now to the unboxing!

Pic of box + Info cards

1) Bee AC Control Lozion 100ml (Tosowoong)

This is by far the most interesting item of the bunch! I like products with bee venom in it! I look forward to trying it! ^^
I don't mind getting the lotion, as it takes ages for me to use up toners! (I have like 3 toners in the line-up!)

2) Makes Your Skin Smooth Firming Pact SPF25 PA++ #21 Light Beige 12g (Unni Recipe)
I already have 3 BB compacts, so it will take me a while until I crack this one open! It seems to be a bit darker than what I normally wear! Maybe I can mix with a BB cream! The pact looks like pretty in its sleek black packaging!

3) Whitening Cream SPF35 PA++ 30ml (AHC)
I think this will be quite useful for lazy days, as it's a sunblock, cream (moisturizing, brightening, correcting)- all in one!

4) Cool Dr-Scalp + Hot Speed Manicure (RiRe)
I don't use hair or scalp treatments tbh! The hair one has a soon expiry date, so I may slap this one on!

5) Capsule Mask Pack 75mk (RiRe)
I got the moisturizing mist! It does have a quite cute packaging! I only use mists in summer, as I find them to be really cooling & relaxing! So this will be stored until then!

This box is such a letdown for me! I like the lotion & compact! The mist I will use! The whitening cream, I'll give a try! (All-in-one products don't tend to work so well with me!) The hair & scalp treatment just isn't my cup of tea!
Yeah, not really fond of the box! I had hoped for a good box, as it's the 1st anniversary box after all....