Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2014

Inoherb - Rhodiola Fine Whitening Eye Treatment - Review

Hey guys! ^^

Here's my review of the "Rhodiola Fine Whitening Eye Treatment" from Inoherb!

Inoherb was set up in year 2000 by Ms. Feng Shuai, who is a descendant of a traditional Chinese Medicine family. The company is one of the earliest Chinese skin care product producers that is involved in using herbs.
Being a new and energetic domestic brand, Inoherb has become one of the top ten enterprises in cosmetics industry in China in year 2009 and 2010, famous brand in Shanghai (上海) in year 2010, and the most welcomed enterprise in China’s light industry in year 2011.
Ever since it came into the market, it has had a clear brand image and market positioning. Its price is reasonable, which makes it widely welcomed by middle income city dwellers and students. In 2011, it has 2% in the skin care product market in China, and 6.3% in the modern ski care product market in China. In terms of attention the brand has received, it ranked the first in Baidu’s rank in Q1 natural lively cosmetics, and second in the category of skin care products. 

Main Ingredients:

-Rhodiola: This plant grows up in the snow-covered peaks. The extreme climate made it have a powerfully antioxidant ability. Therefore, Rhodiola has an excellent function of dull & yellow skin, rough skin caused by skin oxidation, boost antioxidant protection in the skin and inhibit formation of melanin to keep skin white.

-White peony: deep into skin bottom, whiten skin and nourish skin, bring a soft and brighten skin.

-Centella asiatica: contains a large number of asiaticoside, helps to whiten and brighten skin.

It's suitable for all skin types, especially for dull skin around the eyes & melanin precipitation around the eyes.

Usage and Dosage:

After cleansing and moisturizing in the morning and in the evening, take a  proper amount with your finger tip, softly apply to your eyes’ skin, gently press by finger belly and spread over around your eyes until the cream is absorbed. 


-Protects skin from damage
-Improves rough & dull skin
-Relieves dryness
-Mildly nourishes skin

It has a pale pink translucent colour! It doesn't show any colour, once it's applied it under the eyes!

The eye cream is clear, light & refreshing! It leaves a nice & cooling feeling!
It only lightly reduced dark circles for me. I think it's more suitable for preventing dark circles from appearing! It lightly whitens your under eye area!
But it does do a good job moisturing your under eye area! ^^

If your main goal is trying to reduce your dark circles, I'd recommend the Fatigue Fighter Smoothing Roll-On Eye Care!

But if you're searching for a light eye cream, which leaves your under eye skin feeling refreshed, I'd definitely recommend this! (There's also no problem if you want to put on makeup right afterwards!)

It would make me very happy if you guys would leave a comment! (suggestions, opinions,...)
Thank you!  ^o^

noherb was set up in year 2000 by Ms. Feng Shuai, who is a descendant of a traditional Chinese Medicine family. The company is one of the earliest Chinese skin care product producers that is involved in using herbs. - See more at:
Inoherb was set up in year 2000 by Ms. Feng Shuai, who is a descendant of a traditional Chinese Medicine family. The company is one of the earliest Chinese skin care product producers that is involved in using herbs. - See more at:
Inoherb was set up in year 2000 by Ms. Feng Shuai, who is a descendant of a traditional Chinese Medicine family. The company is one of the earliest Chinese skin care product producers that is involved in using herbs. - See more at:

Montag, 24. Februar 2014

Nature Republic - Super Aqua Max Moisture Watery Cream - Review

Hi, guys! ^^

I'd like to review the "Super Aqua Max Moisture Watery Cream" from Nature Republic.

I tend to include the product description from the company as well! Skip by scrolling down 3 paragraps until you reach my review! If you'd like me to change that, please leave a comment! ^^

Nature Republic is a South Korean cosmetics brand, created in March 2009, which uses natural ingredients for their products.

Product description:
-Formulated with oceanophyte, collagen, hyaluronic acid, MD101 from the Polynesia Lagoon Water
-Mineral moisture offer vitality & freshness: Contains extracts of 30 kinds of sea plants from deep sea water

-Provides long lasting moisture (24h): Naturally originated moisturizing contents offer moisture constantly
-Maintains watery skin & prevents evaporating
-Builds a protective layer: Protects skin from outer environment with a thin layer of silicon jel network system

There are 3 different creams for different skin types (oily, dry, combination)!
I've tested both the cream for dry & combination skin! (Both equally great!)
The green package is for combination skin.
The coral one is for dry skin.
The blue one is for oily sin.
They all have different scents as well!

I think the green one has the best scent! It is subtle, very refreshing & has a very natural smell to it!
The coral one has a stronger scent to it, slightly more floral I'd say.
The blue one had a more overpowering (stinging) scent to it, that's why I didn't pick it!
When smelling them, do try the tester if possible, as it may smell different when it's applied on your skin! For me, the coral one smelled not as nice on the skin!

I've already used up the coral one! I really enjoy the texture of the cream! It's not sticky & sinks into the skin really quickly! I don't like the sticky feeling that some creams leave!
It's very moisturizing & refreshing! I especially like using it in summer! I just feel so fresh afterwards! It's very cooling! (It also makes me more awake! hehe! ^o^)

Usage & Dosage
Use it after your basic skin care, by applying a small amount on your face & neck! The cream also comes with a handy spatula!
I prefer using the spatula, as using your hands can contaminate your cream & therefore your skin! This can easily cause breakouts! (The same applies to applying concealer! Use a concealer brush if possible! ^^)

It's also no problem to apply makeup on top of it! Maybe wait for a few minutes until the cream is fully absorbed into your skin!

It also didn't cause any irriation on my skin. So it's good for sensitive skin as well! Don't worry! ^^

It's one of my favourite creams, as I just feel so relaxed & fresh after I wake up! It keeps my face moisturized througout the whole day!
Overall, highly recommended!

Yves Rocher - Lash Plumping Mascara - Review

Hey everyone!

Today's review is on the "Lash Plumping Mascara" from YvesRocher! ^^

Exclusive Technology: Volume-plumping brush Creamy texture, 12-hour hold
Volumizing mascara ideal for plumping your lashes and opening your eyes. A mascara that unfurls lashes like a fan, as it combs, defines, and thickens them. A long-lasting creamy texture (12 hours), enriched with rice wax, which sumptuously coats all lashes and thickens them, without clumping.  

An exclusive volume-boosting brush for a complete combing effect.
- Its cylinder shape easily coats all lashes, even the tiniest.
- Its thin fibres lay the formula onto your lashes, from roots to endpoints.
- The positioning of its thin fibres allows you to comb and instantly boost the volume of your lashes.

This is my all time favourite mascara! It's not so expensive & it does it's job really well!
I bought the black one & it leaves my lashes very black! My eyelashes aren't that long, so I'm really glad that it lenghtens & volumizes them! Also it doesn't clump & it separates my lashes well!

The problem with my previous mascaras was that they often smudged on me or weren't that easy to apply! This one stays on the whole day without smudging! It's very easy to use! So great for beginners as well! ^^

This one is also recommended if you have sensitive skin! It doesn't irritate me at all!
It's also easy to remove! I'd 100% recommend it! ^^

There is also a waterproof version!  I personally prefer the non- waterproof version, as it's easier to remove!

Which is your favourite mascara & why? ^o^

Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2014

Yves Rocher - Fatigue Fighter Smoothing Roll-On Eye Care - Review

Hey guys! ^o^

The product I'll be reviewing today is the "Fatigue Fighter Smoothing Roll-On Eye Care" from Yves Rocher!

Yves Rocher is a worlwide beauty & cosmetics brand founded the French entrepreneur Yves Rocher in 1959. According to their website:
"As harvester, manufactuer and distributor, Yves Rocher is the only international beauty care company that has chosen to handle every aspect of its business: growing, botanical and scientific plant research, developing innovative ingredients, formulating, supplying raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and global distribution.
This unique approach means Yves Rocher can reduce its environmental impact while giving you the best in beauty at the most affordable price.
Yves Rocher harvests its plants in its own organically-grown fields in the village of La Gacilly, in Brittany, France."

I enjoy buying their products as there is less harm done to the environment & there is no animal testing as well! I've been using their products for a while now, as they're not that expensive & have good results! ^^ 

I've been searching for ages for a product which will manage to reduce my dark circles. I've tried so many, but I haven't found any which help reduce them, until I stumbled upon this product! ^^

Description from website:

3 ultra-precious beads for a targeted and effective massage. Ultra-fresh gel formula:
- smoothes wrinkles
-reduces dark circles
-diminishes undereye bags.

Beauty bonus : A green texture that instantly conceals dark circles and leaves behind a feeling of intense freshness. Eyes appear less tired.

Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological supervision. 

That's how it looks with & without the cap on!
It was actually the first time, I used these beads thingies & I was like: Oh, this is weird!
But it surprisingly felt good & cooling on the skin! You have to slightly press(?) the tube, then a mint coloured cream will come out of the hole in the middle. Then massage it in with the beads!
Be careful not to press too much, because the skin will not be able to absorb the excess & your undereyes will stay looking greenish for a while! ^o^
As long as you don't apply too much, the green colour won't show!
I apply it once a day in the morning! It's a bit difficult if you want to put on makeup right afterwards, cause it won't work well in the undereye area. Your concealer will kind of mix with your cream, which looks a bit funny! ^^
You'll need to use it for at least 10 days to have any viewable results!

What products would you recommend to reduce dark circles? ^^