Samstag, 7. Februar 2015

Memebox Secret Key Value Set (Holiday Edition)

1) Black Out Pore Minimizing Pack
I love all kind of masks! This mask contains: Black Charcoal, Black Sugar, Black Garlic, Black Bean, Black Sesame, White clay (kaolin), Rice extract! Seems to be great for oily skin, which I lean to!

2) Color Recipe Cream in Yellow
The Yellow Cream has Vitamin C capsules in it & is for brightening! I love brightening products in general! (Also a fan of the yellow colour!) ^^

3) Berry Milk Hand Cream
This hand cream intrigued me as it contains donkey milk! Donkey milk is the milk closest to human breast milk & really good for dry skin! Although my face is a bit on the oily side, I always have dry hands! This will be perfect! ^^

4) Snail Repairing Eye Cream
My current eye cream is doing nothing visible to my under-eye area, so I will switch to this one afterwards! ^^

5) Perfume Body Mist in Sugar Lemon
I haven't opened this yet, but if it smells somewhat like lemons, it'd be a winner for me! I love citrussy scents! ^^

6) Miniature Starting Treatment Essence
This will be great for travelling, as carrying full size is such a pain! ^^
This set was 35$, it has a great selection of products! It's very worth it for me! ^^

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