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Nature Republic - Super Aqua Max Moisture Watery Cream - Review

Hi, guys! ^^

I'd like to review the "Super Aqua Max Moisture Watery Cream" from Nature Republic.

I tend to include the product description from the company as well! Skip by scrolling down 3 paragraps until you reach my review! If you'd like me to change that, please leave a comment! ^^

Nature Republic is a South Korean cosmetics brand, created in March 2009, which uses natural ingredients for their products.

Product description:
-Formulated with oceanophyte, collagen, hyaluronic acid, MD101 from the Polynesia Lagoon Water
-Mineral moisture offer vitality & freshness: Contains extracts of 30 kinds of sea plants from deep sea water

-Provides long lasting moisture (24h): Naturally originated moisturizing contents offer moisture constantly
-Maintains watery skin & prevents evaporating
-Builds a protective layer: Protects skin from outer environment with a thin layer of silicon jel network system

There are 3 different creams for different skin types (oily, dry, combination)!
I've tested both the cream for dry & combination skin! (Both equally great!)
The green package is for combination skin.
The coral one is for dry skin.
The blue one is for oily sin.
They all have different scents as well!

I think the green one has the best scent! It is subtle, very refreshing & has a very natural smell to it!
The coral one has a stronger scent to it, slightly more floral I'd say.
The blue one had a more overpowering (stinging) scent to it, that's why I didn't pick it!
When smelling them, do try the tester if possible, as it may smell different when it's applied on your skin! For me, the coral one smelled not as nice on the skin!

I've already used up the coral one! I really enjoy the texture of the cream! It's not sticky & sinks into the skin really quickly! I don't like the sticky feeling that some creams leave!
It's very moisturizing & refreshing! I especially like using it in summer! I just feel so fresh afterwards! It's very cooling! (It also makes me more awake! hehe! ^o^)

Usage & Dosage
Use it after your basic skin care, by applying a small amount on your face & neck! The cream also comes with a handy spatula!
I prefer using the spatula, as using your hands can contaminate your cream & therefore your skin! This can easily cause breakouts! (The same applies to applying concealer! Use a concealer brush if possible! ^^)

It's also no problem to apply makeup on top of it! Maybe wait for a few minutes until the cream is fully absorbed into your skin!

It also didn't cause any irriation on my skin. So it's good for sensitive skin as well! Don't worry! ^^

It's one of my favourite creams, as I just feel so relaxed & fresh after I wake up! It keeps my face moisturized througout the whole day!
Overall, highly recommended!

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