Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2014

Memebox Superbox #81 1st Anniversary Box (Unboxing)

Hello everyone!

Today's unboxing is on Memebox Superbox #81 1st Anniversary Box! ^^

I've been putting off writing a post about it, as it was very lackluster & not 1st anniversary worthy or the best box, like they marketed it!
I'm seldomly dissapointed in a box that much! I used points, but it's still not worth it for me!

Now to the unboxing!

Pic of box + Info cards

1) Bee AC Control Lozion 100ml (Tosowoong)

This is by far the most interesting item of the bunch! I like products with bee venom in it! I look forward to trying it! ^^
I don't mind getting the lotion, as it takes ages for me to use up toners! (I have like 3 toners in the line-up!)

2) Makes Your Skin Smooth Firming Pact SPF25 PA++ #21 Light Beige 12g (Unni Recipe)
I already have 3 BB compacts, so it will take me a while until I crack this one open! It seems to be a bit darker than what I normally wear! Maybe I can mix with a BB cream! The pact looks like pretty in its sleek black packaging!

3) Whitening Cream SPF35 PA++ 30ml (AHC)
I think this will be quite useful for lazy days, as it's a sunblock, cream (moisturizing, brightening, correcting)- all in one!

4) Cool Dr-Scalp + Hot Speed Manicure (RiRe)
I don't use hair or scalp treatments tbh! The hair one has a soon expiry date, so I may slap this one on!

5) Capsule Mask Pack 75mk (RiRe)
I got the moisturizing mist! It does have a quite cute packaging! I only use mists in summer, as I find them to be really cooling & relaxing! So this will be stored until then!

This box is such a letdown for me! I like the lotion & compact! The mist I will use! The whitening cream, I'll give a try! (All-in-one products don't tend to work so well with me!) The hair & scalp treatment just isn't my cup of tea!
Yeah, not really fond of the box! I had hoped for a good box, as it's the 1st anniversary box after all....

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