Mittwoch, 17. September 2014

Memebox: Fairy's Perfume Nail VL01 Lilac Bora 65g (Shara Shara)

Hello everybody!

Today, I'm reviewing the Fairy's Perfume Nail 65g in VL01 Lilac Bora by Shara Shara!

This is the first nailpolish, I received in a Memebox! ^^

Product description:

Floral scented and packaged into a supe adorable fairy design, the Fairy's Perfume Nail comes in 18 different pearls colours, of which we chose Lilac Bora as the it colour for this year's F/W season. It coats your nails thinly and lasts for very long without losing the initial radiance and gloss.

-Perfume nail that offers pleasant floral fragrance instead of enamel smell
-Chewy glow formula fits to nails tightly to cover naturally and moisturizing to remain firm and moisturizing touch

How to use:

Apply the base coat first, and paint the Fairy's Perfume Nail. Finish with a top coat.


The bottom is made of glass (I think), on the top sits a white plastic fairy! Super adorable! ^^


Contains wine extract, macadamia seed oil and collagen to strengthen skin protection veil and offer enriched nourishment.

Colour swatch:

 It's a pretty, shimmery purple colour! On the pic, I have 2 coats on!


I've had it on for 3 days and so far no chipping! For testing purposes, I haven't applied base & top coat!


I think it's a nice colour & formula! I wouldn't wait wear it to work though! ^^

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