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Memebox - Special # 17 K-Style: Luxe Auto Gel Eyeliner (RiRe) in Champagne

Hello everyone!

This review is about the "Luxe Auto Gel Eyeliner" by RiRe in Champagne, which I got in my Memebox - Special #17 K-Style! ^^

Here is how the box looks like, hot pink & sturdy!
These are the contents of this box + the information sheet


Product description:

Waterproof, long-lasting and smoothly applying, RiRe's Luxe Auto Gel Eyeliner in Champagne works wonders for featuring the sweet baby pink daily mkeup also highly popular mongst Korean ladies. It can be worn for work, dates and even for a quick walk with your dog.

How to use:
Apply a lighter shade or eye shadow or a powder before applying the eyeliner. Draw onto your eyelids with the liner and then apply a darker eyeliner to fill in between the lashes, for  more defined look. Apply the shadow under-eyes as a highlighter.


It is very creamy & easy to apply! You may have to blend a little with the brush, as it sometimes applies thicker on some parts!
It's nice to work with, I preferred the texture of choco brown a bit more though! 

Water resistance:

I wore it all day & it didn't fade away at all! It's not water-resistant though! You can easily remove 70% off it with water!
As long as it stays on all day, I'm fine with it! ^^

Colour swatch:

A pretty sparkly, shimmery champagne colour with a hint of rosy pink! ^^
It's very reflective & pretty!


It looks really pretty in the inner corners & on the waterline!
It's a nice formula, but I have used better!
It does it's job well! ^^

For further information, I've posted some pics below!

There you can find more info about the liners: ingredients, colors on promotional info & more!

Thank you for reading! ^^

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