Sonntag, 14. September 2014

Memebox Special #17: Feminine Single Blusher (Shara Shara)

Hello everyone!

I have another review for you! This one is about the "Feminine Single Blusher" by Shara Shara! It was included in the #66 Petit Treasures!

There were 2 diffent coloured blushers selected from:
-CR01 Soft Coral
-OR01 Warm Apricot

I got Soft Coral, which is great because I love coral blushers! ^^

If you'd like to see promotional pics, please scroll down to the bottom!


The blush comes in a cute, white plastic container! Inside is a little white puff with a pink bow!
Under the puff, is a little plastic sheet, then comes the blush itself!
To sum it up, it's so adorable!! ^^

Product description:

Adorably cute and petit in its packaging, this blusher is extremely long-lasting with silica components which work to maintain your skin soft and silky. Plus, it's very easy to carry around and will be perfect for quick makeup fix-ups or finish-ups by adding some colour and radiance to your pale cheeks.

How to use:

Use the included cushion puff and blend in the blusher onto your cheeks.

Colour Swatch:

It's a really pretty & subtle coral colour! Great for every day wear, giving your cheeks a natural rosy glow! ^^

Pigmentation & Lasting Power:

It's nicely pigmented, but not too much! So there's no way of becoming a clown! 
The soft coral colour, which you can slightly build up, lasted me all day! It may fade more quickly, if you have really oily skin!


I like this blusher for everyday wear! It has a nice amount of pigment, great for work or school! I don't really use the puff, cause it doesn't really work well! It's just cute!
Love the colour! I'd recommend it! ^^

Promotional pics + info about the brand:

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