Mittwoch, 17. September 2014

Memebox: Illumination Eye Shadow in 15 Shimmer Green 2,2g (DD'ell)


This is the review of the Illumination Eye Shadow in 15 Shimmer Green 2,2g"

Product description:

DD'ell's popular Illumination Eye Shadows series are greatly loved for its radiance and long-lasting finish which comes from its pearl powder and blackberry formula.

How to use:

Apply the eye shadow over our eyelids and draw in between the lashes with a darker palette or a darker eyeliner.


 It's very pigmented & shimmery!


It lasts a long time, but not the whole day!

Colour swatch:

It's a gorgeous, shimmery, light forest green! ^^


I love this eyeshadow! The formula is really nice & it looks really pretty on the lids! Like a fairy! ^o^

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