Sonntag, 14. September 2014

Memebox Superbox #43 F/W Colors: Stay Forever Gel Eye Pencil in 06 Twilight Purple (DD'ell)

Hello everyone! ^^

Today, I'm going to review the "Stay Forever Gel Eye Pencil in 06 Twilight Purple" by DD'ell, which was included in the Memebox Superbox #43 F/W Colors!

Here is a pic of the opened box and the information sheet! ^^

Scroll to the bottom, if you want to have a look at promotional pics!

Product description:

An easy to apply, cream-type gel eye liner for feturin deep, radiant eyes fit for any occasions. Plus, it's waterproof and long-lasting with a gentle formula suitable for even the most sensitive skin types

How to use:

 Draw onto your eyelids and in between the lashes. Use a lighter palette to blend in naturally.


I love, love, love the formula of this eyeliner! It's my favourite formula from all the liners, I've used! It glides on super smooth & is very easy to apply! ^o^

Water resistance:

I wore it all day, it didn't budge at all! It's very waterproof! I tried washing it off with water, but the colour didn't fade at all & stayed very vibrant!

Here's a before & after pic! (If you look closely, you can see water droplets on the 2nd pic!)

Colour swatch:

It's a subtle, yet pigmented lilac shade, which is shimmery & looks really flattering on the eyes! If you're scared of trying a really vibrant eyeliner, I'd suggest this one! It's not a really in your face, attention seeking colour! You can start playing safely with colour first!


I really enjoy the formula! It's nice to use! I like it a lot! ^o^

Here are some promotional pics & more info about these eyeliners:

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