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Tony Moly - Fruit Princess Lipgloss New - Review

Hello again!

Today's review is on one item of my Lotte Duty Free Shop Haul! It's the " Fruit Princess Lipgloss New" by Tony Moly! (Swatches are at the bottom!)

Tony Moly is a South Korean cosmetics brand, established in 2006.
The name Tony Moly means 'putting style into packaging. (No wonder their packaging is just so awesome! *_*)

It comes in a very cute packaging, which caught my eyes once I saw it!
The little figures are so insanely adorable! *.*

They're like little Red Riding Hoods with their red capes! Aww! ^. ^ Each figure has a certain fruit as it's hat! They also have different cute expressions on their faces!

Comparison to the original lipglosses:

I like the new packaging of the lipglosses much better! The old ones used to be smaller & round tubes! It was more difficult to apply! The new lipglosses have more liquid in them (4,6g) & are only slightly more expensive! They're easier to use & more handy to carry around! I'm glad they improved it! ^^
Product description: 

Cute Fruit-shaped gloos that moisturizes your lips and makes them look like the sparkle in fruit juice.
-creates transparent & gorgeous lips
-offers nutrition & a moisturizing feeling


7 kinds of fruit extract, shea butter (moisturizes), glycerin, hyaluronic acid


It has a Doe-foot applicator! I like it because you can work very precisely with it! It's super easy to use as well! ^^

Texture & Duration:

These lipglosses have a jelly like texture & are more on the stickier side! I find it comfortable to wear though! It leaves your lips very glowy & sparkly! It gives a fresh & awake look! ^^
It lasts about 2 hours on the lips (only drinking)! I tend to take it with me & reapply whenever I need to! It has a handy size!


Each gloss has a refreshing fruit scent! They smell like the fruit on their hats! The scents are really lovely! ^^

How to use: (self-explanatory, but adding anyway ^^)

Apply a moderate amount with the tip according to your lips.

Swatches: (in the order as seen on the 3rd pic from above)


1) Plum Princess (with sparkles)
2) Fig Princess
3) Strawberry Princess
4) Mango Princess
5) Apple Princess (with sparkles)
6) Cherry Princess
7) Peach Princess

No. 1 and 5 are very sheer colours, you can only see the sparkles on the lips. Your lips are glossy nonetheless.
The other lipglosses are more pigmented & leave a nice colour on the lips! They're great colours for everyday wear! I really enjoy them! They're one of my favourites! ^^

What is your favourite lipgloss? ^o^
Did you find this helpful? Any suggestions on improvements?
(I appreciate all the comments very much!)

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