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Tony Moly - Peach Hand Cream - Review

Hello everybody!

As part of my Korean Beauty Haul, I have another review for you, guys!  ^^
Today's product is the "Peach Hand Cream (30g)" by Tony Moly, a Korean cosmetics brand!

(I bought this at Lotte Duty Free in Jamsil, they only sold this in packages of 10 hand creams, that's why I got so many! ^^)


The handcream comes in adorable plastic containes, that look like peaches! Totally an eye-catcher! Loving the cute packaging! ^^
They're also quite sturdy!


-Apricot Extract - brings nutrition & elasticity skin
-Peach Extract - offers nutrition & moisture
-Shea Butter - brings nutrition to exhausted & dry hands

Product description:

-Sweet moist hand cream with a sweet peach scent (featured in improving wrinkles)
-Adenosine contents help improve wrinkles & make hands elastic & soft


It's a very refreshing hand cream, that's not sticky at all! It quickly absorbs into your skin & moisturizes it! After applying it, my hands feel soft the whole day! ^^


It has a lovely & sweet peach smell! It smells so heavenly! It's the handcream with the best scent in my opinion! It makes me feel good! ^o^

Also the scent stays a good amount of time on your hands (4h)!

Usage & Dosage:

After washing your hands or whenever your hands feel dry, apply a proper amount from the back to the tip of your hand evenly! Let it absorb!

The handcream is sealed with a bit of plastic tape on one side! To open it, you have to turn the top half of the hand cream! Inside it, there is a plastic lid, which makes it even more safely sealed!

I like to keep it in my handbag, when I travel! It
never runs out (in my case at least)! It's a practical travel size (30g) & it looks really sweet! ^^

After using it up, I always refill it with other creams! Very handy! ^^

I also like to keep a little plastic spatula in the hand cream container! (There's a little space left between the seal and the top!) I use a spatula to keep the hand cream more hygienic! ^^ (If some dirt comes in & you put it on your face, it can cause breakouts!)

This handcream is perfect to keep in your handbag! It's super practical in size & you can reuse it as well! It has a really nice & relaxing scent, which is more on the sweet side! It's hydrating & keeps your hands moist & soft! I really recommend it! ^o^

PS: I have no idea if it improves your wrinkles, cause I don't have any yet! But if someone knows, please tell me in the comments! Thank you! ^^

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