Dienstag, 25. März 2014

Holika Holika - Jewel Light Water Proof Eyeliner in #08 Pink Topaz (+Swatch)


The product I'd like to review is the "Jewel Light Water Proof Eyeliner" in #08 Pink Topaz by Holika Holika!

Product description:

Gel Eye Liner Pencil type, Gel Texture Pencil

Dazzling pearls, creamy, dry & tightly fixed (=dries quickly)

Capacity: 2,2g
16 colours in total

It has an air-tight cap to prevent the eyeliner from drying!
It has a rich creamy gel texture, it's easy to draw with! It's wonderful for beginners!
Strong water-resistence:
Once it's dried, it stays on all day! It's waterproof, I haven't been able to remove it with soap & water! So water & sweat- proof! ^^


Pink Topaz: Transparent, sparkly light pink 

Where to use:

Pink Topaz looks best in the tear duct area and on the waterline!
It can be used as a eyeshadow as well, as it's quite moist! Put it on gently, you have to blend it very quickly, as it dries super quick! It leaves a twinkling effect on your eyes! ^^

Swatch of Pink Topaz:

It's a very pretty blush pink colour! Very sparkly! Makes your eyes look dazzling & awake! It adds a nice glow to your eyes! ^^

Left: After trying to remove the eyeliner with soap & water! It looks pretty much the same as before! Maybe a little less sparkly!

Right: After removing it with my go-to makeup remover Bioderma! It's easily removed after using it!


I've been looking for a sparkly waterline eyeliner for some time now! I love the shiny pink, as it's not as prominent as white! It gives a more subtle glow to my eyes! It's great for a everyday look! 
I love it lots! ^^

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