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Yves Rocher - Lip Pencil + Waterproof Eye Pencil + Folk Passion Khol Duos- Review (+Swatches)

Hey everyone! ^^

 These are the 3 products I'll be reviewing:

-Lip Pencil (Brown)

-Waterproof Eye Pencil (Black)

-Folk Passion Khol Duos
 (Mandarin & Smokey Grey)


Mandarin, Grey, Brown









Lip Pencil (Brown)

Product description: 

Comfort and precise lining with shea butter The outline of the mouth is clearly defined and perfectly emphasised.
A melting, soft and velvety texture, for a precise line. A glide on tip, for optimum ease and comfort of application. Colors in harmony with the shades of the whole lipstick range for a harmonising line.

The Lip Pencil contains the natural benefits of Shea Butter

Tested under dermatological supervision

The Plus : The flexible tip is pleasant to use to outline or color in the lips


The colour is reddish brown with a slight shimmer!
It's easy to apply & really creamy! (Great for beginners! ^^)
You can draw the lines precisely (good pigmentation!) & it lasts the whole day without smudging!
(You can even remove it with water & soap only!)

Waterproof Eye Pencil (Black)

Product description: 

Intense color, ultra-comfort. A graphic makeup that looks intense and radiant! Its soft, protective, Chamomile extract-enriched texture offers a gliding application as it emphasizes the look of ultra-intense color. Creamy and comfortable, it goes on evenly and blends easily.
Result: the Waterproof Eye Pencil's formula guarantees a flawless, long-lasting look.

The Plus: a built-in sharpener to ensure an ultra-precise line anytime and a super practical, retractable tip.

Tested under ophthalmological supervision.


This pencil is highly pigmented! It's a very dark black!
It's easy to apply and stays on the whole day! It doesn't smear or fade! ^^
It's very buttery! You have to remove it with a good makeup remover or even better cleansing oil or something of that sort!

(I haven't included a swatch of it! It's very much just a generic dark black!)

Folk Passion Khol Duos (Mandarin & Smokey Grey)


It's part of the limited "Yves Rocher Folk Passion Collection" of Winter 2013!

This pencil has a really unique colour combination. The Mandarin colour (very shimmery, peachy colour) has a bit of a frosty finish on one side, while the darky grey side is very creamy. The darker colour is buildable!
I like using the mandarin eyeliner on my lower lash line & in the inner corners! It just brightens my eyes a bit & makes them more awake, but isn't over the top! ^^

To sum it up:
Yves Rocher Eye & Lipliners are generally speaking really pigmented, creamy & easy to draw with!
Very recommendable for beginners! ^o^

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