Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014

Elmaju Broccoli Essense Toner (LadyKin)

Hello everyone!

Today's review is going to be on the "Elmaju Broccoli Essense Toner" by LadyKin, which was included in the Memebox Special #20 Superfood! ^^

Product Description:  
This Elmaju Broccoli Essence Toner contains 90% of broccoli extract that provides instant hydration to the skin.  This product provides anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin immediately while preventing future flare-ups and also calms skin after facial peels and skin procedures.

How To Use:
Apply to cleansed skin with a cotton pad.

This toner gives a very refreshing feeling on the skin & it is very hydrating! This is my first toner from Memebox & I'm enjoying it a lot! It does a good job at hydrating my skin!
It doesn't have a broccoli scent, which I appreciate!
Thumbs up! It's a lovely & gently toner! ^^

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