Samstag, 25. Oktober 2014

Memebox Scentbox #4 Floral

Hello everyone!

This is the very late unboxing of Memebox Scentbox #4 Floral!

There was a huge mess-up, since the box didn't arrive after over 1 1/2 months of waiting! It got lost and after lots of mails back and forth, they sent out another floral box, which finally arrived! ^^

1) Friendly Cherry Blossom Hand Mask 6g 2each (Sally's box)

I love cherry blossom scent! I have also never tried a hand mask before! Excited to try it! ^^

2) Shower Cologne 100ml (Esthe)

I got the one in: Floral Dream!
It has a faint floral scent, which is quite nice! ^^

3) Feromonika Perfume 10ml (L'ocean)

I got it in: Paros Rose
This doesn't smell like rose at all! It smells like men's cologne to me! I'm not going to use it! This is going to be gifted!

4) Perfume Hand Cream 30g (Secret Key)
I got it in no.3!
Here is some more info about the ingredients and the scent!

I haven't smelled it yet, as I don't want to open it! I still have a lot of handcreams to go through! ^^

This box was quite okay! I'll use both hand items! I'm not too thrilled about the perfumes, as I'm not a huge fan of these scents! That's more of a personal preference though! ^^

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