Sonntag, 23. November 2014

Memebox Thanksgiving Box Collection #2 For You (Unboxing)

Hello everyone!

When Memebox came out with the Thanksgiving boxes, I grabbed the bundle! This is going to be the unboxing of the 2nd part of the series!
Without further ado, "Thanksgiving Box Collection #2 For You"!
This will be the first time, I'm adding prices of the products I could find online, to make an estimate how much they would cost, if you bought them online! ^^

Here is a pic of the box and the info sheet! ^^

1) Illust Lumiere Primer 30ml (Vivito)

Some girls on MUT have said great things about this primer! So I can't wait to try it & see how flawless it makes my face look! This brand seems to have great products! ^^

2) Miracle Multi Cream 50ml (Shara Shara)

This cream has a balmy texture! I imagine it would be great for winter! I think the polar bear on the packaging is super cute! I love cute animals! So peaceful & adorable looking! ^^

3) Brush Set 5 ea (Shara Shara)

This set comes with a powder, lip & 3 eye makeup brushes! I've been meaning to buy a lip & a powder brush, so that came just in time! They feel soft! I'll be using them sometime soon! ^^

4) Painting Sweet Lip Balm 12g (Vivito)

This lip balm smells really nice of oranges! I love all kinds of citrussy smells! I'm a huge fan of tin packaging too! It makes everything look more chique! ^^

5) Heart Glow Stick 02 Gold Aura 6.5g (Peripera)

I've been eyeing this on TK for some time already! I don't own a highlighter really, only blushes with shimmer! The packaging is seriously so cute! It's a little house! The drawings on the box are so adorable! The product itself is also very pretty! It is a gold, shimmery highlighter! Very excited about it! ^^

6) Nail Lacquer 15ml (with shyan)
This is definitely the item I was least excited about! I got the worst colour in my opinion: neon green! *sob* It's more neon green irl than on the pic! I cannot rock that colour at all! Also nail polish colour is one thing I'm very picky about! ^^ I'll gift it away, once I've found someone who enjoys that colour!

7) Fluorescent Glitter 13g (Saracen)
I'm not into doing any nail art! I'm not any good at it! I hope I'll find a good home for it soon! ^^

8) Essence Mask Sheet 23ml 2 ea (Pure Smile)

Pure Smile makes very afforable & decent items for its price! Happy to add two more masks to my stash! They make my skin feel awesome! ^^

Although I don't love it as much as the "For Me" Thanksgiving box, I still like it very much! I'll get good use out of 6/8 items & will gift the other two away! I think it has a great value! The item I'm most excited about is definitely the Peripera Glow Stick! ^^

Some prices I found online:
On Korea Depart:
Miracle Multi Cream 50ml (Shara Shara): 11,94$
Heart Glow Stick 02 Gold Aura 6.5g (Peripera): 7,46$

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