Samstag, 6. Dezember 2014

Blooming Rose Skin Toner (Milky Dress)

Hello everyone!

This review is about the Blooming Rose Skin Toner (Milky Dress), which was included in the Memebox Special #48 Rose Edition! ^^

I was super excited when I saw this toner! It has realy rose petals in it & look so pretty! aww! I love it! Looks so adorable! ^^

As I did a not so good job at capturing a pretty pic of the rose petals, here is pic of Memebox's site!
This one has a delicate rose scent, which I really enjoy! I love rose-scented skincare!

From Memebox (Description):
Roses, associated with beauty and romance across all cultures, has been the root of beauty rituals for centuries. Historically romantic and brimming with beauty benefits, roses are packed with nutrients that naturally soothe and revive the skin, body, and soul!

Smells awesome & is good for you skin! Double Yay! ^^

It's only been use for a short time, so I haven't seen any immediate effects yet, I'll keep you updated!

I keep smelling it! I love nicely scented skincare!

The toner alone, is currently still on sale on Memebox for 9$ if you're interested!
The box itself is sold out!

If you like rose scent & are looking for a new toner, it'd be nice to grab this one! ^^

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