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Modelling Take-out Cup Pack 17g (Ettang)


This is a review of the "Modelling Take-out Cup Pack 17g" in Yogurt by Ettang

There are several variations:

        Yogurt – Smooth skin texture, Bright skin tone, Glossy skin
        Peppermint – Skin soothing, Skin refreshment, Skin conditioning
        Acerola – Bright skin tone, Astringent effect, Skin elasticity
        Centella asiatica – Recovery of skin health, Skin protection, Skin vitality
        Propolis – Nutrition supply, Skin’s protective film, Problematic skin soothing
        Black food – Skin elasticity, Oil and moisture balance, Nutrition supply
        Chlorella – Complexion purification, Skin improvement, Skin soothing
        Oatmeal – – Rich moisturization, Nutrition supply, Keratin care
        Calendula – Sensitive skin, Skin relief, Skin moisturization

How to use:  Pour about 1/2 water into the cup with powder and then use built-in spatula to mix. Use spatula to smooth the thick pack on the cheek. Leave on for 15~20 minutes, and then take off the dried pack like rubber from the bottom to the top. If some contents are left on the skin, wipe off them with a cotton pad soaked in lukewarm water or toner.

The powder comes in a little cup, which you use to stir your mixture in!
I cant exavtly say how much water to use! I just put a little water in at a time until it became a thick mixture! Make sure to mix it well, so that there are no clumps!

You can use all of it in one go, depending on how thick you want the mask to be!
The thicker it is, the better it works! If you have a thicker layer, which then becomes harder, you can pull ot off in one go, cleaning out impurities well!

I got 3 uses out of one cup! You can definitely see it drawing out impurities an oil!

It's a fun product! I ended up buying the 7 cup set later on, as I wanted to try some other flavours as well!

It's a nice mask! I like it! ^^

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