Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2014

My Castle Hand Cream 30ml (Etude House)

Hello everyone! ^^

Today's review is on the "My Castle Hand Cream 30ml" by Etude House!

I got the Sweet Cookie variation! ^^

This is the cutest hand cream known to mankind (at least to me)! ^^

The My Castle Hand Cream series consists of 4 variations, with different scents & slightly different colours!

I ended up buying all of them, because they were just too adorable to not to buy!

The house looks different on all sides! Pretty! ^^

This variation has a nice vanilla scent, which is one of my favourite scents! (especially around Christmas time ^^)

It sinks into the skin quickly & delivers enough moisture for my hands!

I adore the scent, which is not too overpowering!

It has a place on my desk now! ^o^

If you like adorable packaging & if you're searching for a nicely scented hand cream, this is for you!

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