Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

Skin Juice90 Real Ampoule 100ml (Delskin)

Hello everyone!

Today's review is on the Skin Juice90 Real Ampoule 100ml (Delskin), which also featured in Memebox Special #47 My Dessert Box! ^^

This ampoule looks super yummy! It has lots of different fruit extracts in it!
It has a orangey colour with little whitish capsules in it!

I took another pic from the side, so that you can see the capsules!

This ampoule is liquidy and smells like fruit juice! Like a bunch of fruit thrown together!

I enjoy the scent & it makes my skin feel refreshed! I haven't discovered any other capabilities yet! I'll make an update if there are any long-term benefits!

Here is some more info, taken from Memebox's site:

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