Samstag, 27. Dezember 2014

Memebox Christmas Collection #1 Stress Free Holidays (Unboxing)

Hello everyone!

This is an unboxing of the Memebox "Christmas Collection #1 Stress Free Holidays"! ^^

Here is the pic & the information card! ^^

1) Ice Cream Swing Gloss 6g in 01 Very Lovely (Recipe by Nature)

2) Black Head Eraser Coconut 97% 100g (Angel's)

3) Dress Perfume 150ml (Dipodeur) in 07 Orange & Fiore

4) Moisture Facial Mask 04 Gold Kiwi (DD'ell)

5) Neoday' Don't Cry Armpits Deodorant Perfumed Stick 15g (Neogen)

6) Gold Label Repescargo Cream 50ml (Shara Shara)


I think the ice cream swing gloss is super adorable! It smells lovely of berry too! ^^
The soap looks like an eraser, which I find quite cute! I can always use products against blackheads!
The dress perfume scent reminds me of those ancient wooden chinese fans! (They were perfumed!) It makes me think of my childhood! ^^
I love sheet masks! Always happy too receive!
I love the name of the deodorant! It has a clean, soapy smell, which I like! I don't like heavily perfumed deodorant! ^^
This cream expires in a year, so make sure to use it before then! I'll use it once my current cream is used up! I love snail mucin, excited to give it a try!

This box isn't as exciting as the thanksgiving boxes, but still a winner in my box! I'll happily use all the items! ^o^

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