Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2014

Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream 75ml (Enprani)


This is my review on the "Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream 75ml" by Enprani! ^^

Description from Memebox:

Bouncify your skin with a full sized Memebox cult classic Dear by Enprani’s Dreams Come True Bounce Cheese Cream! This innovative facial cream has a unique ooey-gooey, bouncy texture that comes from a high concentration of protein-rich whey. The fun melted mozzarella cheese texture will adhere to the skin perfectly, and hydrate and firm the skin for the plumpest, youngest cheeks ever! 

Ingredients: Cheese originated extract (Whey) 10%

Product description:

-The optimum moisturizing power of natural protein (Whey) found in cheese and enriched vitamin A, B, E, protects skin against external factors and offers radiance at the same time.
-Synergy with protein extracted from natural honey and vitamin recharges lack of nourishment based on enriched moisturizing power of cheese extract
-Represents texture of chewy and stretching Mozzarella cheese to hold moisture with chewy and firm finish

As it is getting colder these days, I wanted to try a thicker moisturizer, so I opted for this one, as I had read many great reviews of it!

First off, this cream has a floral scent, so yay! ^^
It has a stringy texture, like cheese and is a thick cream, which is wonderful for winter!
I have combo skin & I apply a thin layer at the last step of my skincare regimen!
It is super moisturizing & is great for my skin!

I think this cream would be wonderful for dry skin especially!
It sinks in fast & leaves my skin super soft! In winter, my skin can get quite dry, this prevents it from hurting! (Rough winds)

I enjoy it lots! ^^

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